Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cicci's red-and-black hat - Pattern

Heres a brief pattern for Cicci's hat
8 mm doubleended needles
yarn like Eskimo from Garnstudio
approx 75 g

Cast on 56 st and knit ribb *knit1, purl1* for four rows (I usually do this on 2 needles backa and forth)
Row 5 divide on the double ended needles while knitting a doubble ribb* knit2, purl2*
and do this until 24 rows have been knitted (stripe as you whish ;) )
Row 25 *knit 2st, purl 2 st together*
Row 26-27 *knit 2, purl 1*
Row 28 *knit 2 togeteher, purl1*
row 29 - 30 *Knit1, Purl1*
Row 31 *Knit 2 st together, Knit 1* (go on with this until 6-7 st remains)
Bindoff by slipping the thread through the last stiches, pull and fasten the thread on WS.
Sew the four firts rows togheter and weave in ends. Fininshed!!!

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