Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April showers scarf

I guess wash-cloth-scarf doesn't sound as pretty as I think this actually turns out. Since it is intended for the KAL April showers on GetStitchy I guess I will rename it - April showers scarf. Blue and the lace pattern sort of drizzels, doesn't it make sense?

I will find a place in the shadow during my lunch break and knit for a while....

See ya'!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Knitting flight

I did it... I brought my knitting on the flight and no one a said anything. Well, I have the bluntest bamboo circular needles ever seen and just a small project.
It was supposed to be a washcloth for the KAL (knit-along) at GetStitchy
but it seems to be a washclothscarf instead. I use a bright blue thin cotton yarn and a zigzag lace pattern, and it makes me happy. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post so you can see what happens.

Otherwise, Brazil is nice but warm, I know I should not complain, but I do not like warm and humid places, but there is air conditioning, a pool and the sea to comfort me.

Now I have to pay some attention....

See ya'

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cicci's red-and-black hat - Pattern

Heres a brief pattern for Cicci's hat
8 mm doubleended needles
yarn like Eskimo from Garnstudio
approx 75 g

Cast on 56 st and knit ribb *knit1, purl1* for four rows (I usually do this on 2 needles backa and forth)
Row 5 divide on the double ended needles while knitting a doubble ribb* knit2, purl2*
and do this until 24 rows have been knitted (stripe as you whish ;) )
Row 25 *knit 2st, purl 2 st together*
Row 26-27 *knit 2, purl 1*
Row 28 *knit 2 togeteher, purl1*
row 29 - 30 *Knit1, Purl1*
Row 31 *Knit 2 st together, Knit 1* (go on with this until 6-7 st remains)
Bindoff by slipping the thread through the last stiches, pull and fasten the thread on WS.
Sew the four firts rows togheter and weave in ends. Fininshed!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New project

I have bought some new yarn and started on a cardigan (Garnstudio model 100-5). The yarn is a cotton yarn ( Paris from garnstudio) in blueishpurple and I will add a olive green trimming in the bottom. I'll take som pictures soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finished objects

I finished the small skein sea foam scarf for my Mum. It looks nice I think, considering that what I used were actually scraps.

Cicci finished her blue-green scarf (she got the yarn when we visited NC at Xmas 2004)
and it looks so summery and nice on her. It is made in a cotton yarn on 4.5 mm needles.

And even if we almost had summer temperatures today and could be outdoors in shorts, Cicci here models her hat that I made for her and a half-glove also made by me.
I'll provide the pattern for those soon.

Another candle design

This small "sleeve" for a tea candle was made yesterday for my friend Annika that had a birthday party. It's made from 0.3 mm blck steel wire with small blue and red glass beads. The glass is a small glass tea candle holder that I've bought in a store for environmental friendly products years ago. (Together with the beeswax tea candle).
The sleeve was knitted on 4 mm needles using approx 32 stiches the first 2-3 rounds, decreasing to approx 22 stiches and adding the beads evry 3 stich on every secong row ( I knit plain garter stich for the whole sleeve). I did not bind of in a traditional way but put the thread through the stiches. The edges were sewn together and the sleeve dressed on and adjusted to the glass holder. All loose ends weaved in and cut. Ta-da!

See ya'!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Almost done

I'm almost done with my seafoam scarf...I wont show it before I've weaved in all the ends and cut them off. I only have 4 green skein left and it look pretty nice, except for a pinkish-redish-orange part that looks very pinkish-redish just as a sunrise/sunset.... Well I'm not undoing it... and I hope my mum will be pleased anyway. I had class yesterday afternoon and they did not need very much help so instead of just standing glanzing at them I took out my knitting, and several of the students said "Cool".

Neil finished his first project a lovely scarf (3 m long) with all sorts of different techniques - from garter stich to cables and mulit color patterns (fair isleish). Well done, sadly enough he has already put it in the mail to friend. No picture!

I will have to do some other birthday related things tonight, more on that tomorrow, I do not want to reveal more secrets

On another pair of needles I have a knitted hat for Renny in thick wool (black and red) that I do with vertical stripes, fun! Cicci got a similar one some weeks ago with traditional horizontal stripes in red and black and Neil one with blue and green stripes. I guess I have to finish Renny's soon and write down the pattern before I forget it. So if youre intrerested there will be a nice free pattern for a wool hat on 8 mm needles in the end of the weekend.

Have to go and clean the house so we can all join togther and knit....

See ya'!

PS I have another blog, more about my life on www.kaisas-corner.blogspot.com, see you there!