Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another candle design

This small "sleeve" for a tea candle was made yesterday for my friend Annika that had a birthday party. It's made from 0.3 mm blck steel wire with small blue and red glass beads. The glass is a small glass tea candle holder that I've bought in a store for environmental friendly products years ago. (Together with the beeswax tea candle).
The sleeve was knitted on 4 mm needles using approx 32 stiches the first 2-3 rounds, decreasing to approx 22 stiches and adding the beads evry 3 stich on every secong row ( I knit plain garter stich for the whole sleeve). I did not bind of in a traditional way but put the thread through the stiches. The edges were sewn together and the sleeve dressed on and adjusted to the glass holder. All loose ends weaved in and cut. Ta-da!

See ya'!

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