Friday, March 23, 2007

Almost done

I'm almost done with my seafoam scarf...I wont show it before I've weaved in all the ends and cut them off. I only have 4 green skein left and it look pretty nice, except for a pinkish-redish-orange part that looks very pinkish-redish just as a sunrise/sunset.... Well I'm not undoing it... and I hope my mum will be pleased anyway. I had class yesterday afternoon and they did not need very much help so instead of just standing glanzing at them I took out my knitting, and several of the students said "Cool".

Neil finished his first project a lovely scarf (3 m long) with all sorts of different techniques - from garter stich to cables and mulit color patterns (fair isleish). Well done, sadly enough he has already put it in the mail to friend. No picture!

I will have to do some other birthday related things tonight, more on that tomorrow, I do not want to reveal more secrets

On another pair of needles I have a knitted hat for Renny in thick wool (black and red) that I do with vertical stripes, fun! Cicci got a similar one some weeks ago with traditional horizontal stripes in red and black and Neil one with blue and green stripes. I guess I have to finish Renny's soon and write down the pattern before I forget it. So if youre intrerested there will be a nice free pattern for a wool hat on 8 mm needles in the end of the weekend.

Have to go and clean the house so we can all join togther and knit....

See ya'!

PS I have another blog, more about my life on, see you there!

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